About Our Staff

Jen Moreland has a degree in Special Education and Elementary Education from the University of MO-St. Louis and a Master of Arts in Education from
University.  She holds a Lifetime Certification in Special Education(K-12) and Elementary Education(1-8).  She has been at St. Elizabeth since 1999, first teaching 6th grade English, Religion and Social Studies before starting the Resource Center in 2000.  Prior to joining St. Elizabeth, she worked at Marillac Center for Children.  Her work on Inclusive Education at St. Elizabeth has been her passion for almost 20 years, and she continues to work to bring success to all students by making the most impact she can.  Humbly, she is the first recipient of the Flame Award, from the FIRE Foundation. 
She and her husband, Brendan, are the proud parents of 3 girls and are very active in St. Elizabeth School.

Denise Quatman has a degree in Elementary Education from the University of Kansas (1980).  Denise was employed as an educator in Kansas City, Kansas for five
years following graduation. In 1999, Denise earned her Masters degree in Reading at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Denise began working at St. Elizabeth"s in 1996 and taught fifth grade for 16 years.  She is currently the Reading Specialist at St. Elizabeth. 

Leslye Lewis worked 20 years in government contracts within the Aerospace industry before becoming a stay-home mom with her son, Jadon, in 2001. Mrs. Lewis volunteered in Jadon’s kindergarten class before starting full time work as a paraprofessional at St. Elizabeth’s. She manages our sensory room and works closely with occupational therapists to help the team provide sensory breaks and sensory diets for many students in and out of the classroom.  She also assists in managing our Agenda Check-in and Homework Crew programs.  Mrs. Lewis is a certified mediator and a licensed massage therapist.