Library and Media Center: Student Work

Student work in the Library and Media Center focuses on research and computer skills in collaboration with the grade level curriculum. The student examples will give you an idea of the various projects. Some of these are coordinated with classroom projects and some are independent of the classroom. Please click here to take a look at the Library and Media Center curriculum.

Here is an example of a 6th grade prototype web page. Students participated in the Hour of Code and learned basic HTML tags to create their own web pages. Each web page had an image and a working link.

Here is an example of 5th grade blogs. Each student shared about book that he or she enjoyed and practiced constructively commenting on each other's opinions. Comments were required to be at least 3 sentences long and include a reason that the person commenting agreed or disagreed with the original book review.

Here is an example of a 4th grade presentation on the Australian fur seal. Students do research, create a presentation and cite their sources. They present about their animals in the classroom.

Here is an example of a first grader just learning the concepts of word processing and using the keyboard. First graders learn about farm animals and write sentences and draw pictures electronically about their animals prior to their field trip.