Third Grade

Third grade is a time when young students begin to apply all of their reading and writing skills to learn new concepts. Educators often say that this age group is moving from learning to read, to reading to learn! This is so true.

In third-grade students will participate in whole-group, as well as small groups for reading instruction. We read a wide variety of texts, including our Treasures Reading, Scholastic News, and an occasional novel. We spend time on reading strategies to help us become stronger, more capable readers.

In math, third graders focus on multi-step problem solving, multiplication and division facts, fractions, and more. We use a variety of methods, including whole group, small group, centers, and technology to help students master skills and concepts in math.

Third graders have fun with science and social studies and complete many small group and individual projects. One of the year’s highlights is the Wax Museum project! Hands-on activities and engaging projects round out these subjects.

In writing, students learn several different genres and focus on the 6-Trait method. Students work hard to develop their writing skills.

Students participate in religion studies daily. They learn about our Catholic faith and traditions and have several opportunities for meaningful authentic service. Children attend Mass weekly.

Third grade is full of fun and learning!

Please click here to access third-grade curriculum 
standards from the Kansas City-St. Joseph Diocese.