Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.
-Pablo Picasso

Welcome back to the art room!  We can’t wait to catch up with all our artists and meet a few new ones.  

Art concepts and topics this year include using the art elements of line, color, value, space, texture, form and shape to create.  Learners will draw themes from the world around us and will learn from existing art and artists. Students will be assessed each class period with expectations to include following directions and putting forth a “personal best” effort.

The art teacher at St. Elizabeth School is Mrs. Kathy Maggard. Her teaching background includes a BA in Fine Arts and a MA in Elementary Education.

From Mrs. Maggard..."I feel blessed to be able to spend time with all of the Saint Elizabeth Artists. I am looking forward to a fun and inspiring year!"    

Please click here to access the curriculum standards for art education from the Kansas City-St. Joseph Diocese.