Early Childhood Center

During our School closure, these resources will be used to engage, advance, and provide our students with virtual, distance learning opportunities for our Early Childhood Center (ECC).

**For information about our ECC, goals and objectives, and enrollment information, please scroll to the bottom of the page. Thank you!**

School Agreement Form for ALL STE families (PS-8th)

Please click HERE to submit your responses for A) device loan, if applicable and B) permission for your student to use Zoom for virtual-distance learning with their teacher(s).

Pre School: Ms. Lynette, Mr. Russell, and Ms. Tiffany

Stay connected through Sycamore and Email. Ms. Lynette, Mr. Russell, and Ms. Tiffany are sharing a "Choice Board" and other resources through Email and a shared Google Drive folder. Sycamore and Email are the main points of communication with families.

Ms. Lynette's Padlet for Learning

Ms. Tiffany's Padlet for Learning

Pre Kindergarten: Ms. Renee/Ms. Kaitlin and Ms. Sandra

Stay connected through Sycamore and Email. Ms. Renee/Ms. Kaitlin and Ms. Sandra are sharing daily "Choice Boards" through Sycamore Batch Email to parents, using a shared Google Drive folder, and have an account in Seesaw (see below) to provide lessons and activities. Sycamore and Email are the main points of communication with families.

Kindergarten: Mrs. Pease and Ms. Taylor

Stay connected through Sycamore and Email. Mrs. Pease is sharing daily work through Sycamore Batch Email to parents. Ms. Taylor has created a Seesaw account (see below) to provide lessons and activities. Sycamore and Email are the main points of communication with families.


      *MobyMax (School Code: MO2819)

      *Xtra Math

      *ED Dimensions (Science: For Kindergarten)

      *Think Central (Math: For Kindergarten: District - Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph / School - St. Elizabeth)

      *Vooks (Inquire with your teacher for login information to free reading material)

      *Epic (Inquire with your teacher for login information)

      *ABC Mouse (Inquire with your teacher for login information)

               *Click here to install ABC Mouse on a Chromebook

Please note: Your classroom teacher and the School have created free access to families in all the resources. No need to purchase.

Access your Zoom class meetings with the appropriate extension or app. The Meeting ID or Join this meeting URL for class sessions will be or already has been sent by your classroom teacher. No, you do not need a Zoom account and if you have created an account, you do not need to login to zoom.us. Just install the extension or app and open it when you are ready to join a class meeting.

Install Zoom for Chromebooks

Install Zoom for iPADS

Practice Typing Skills: Typing Club

Before you begin, scroll down in the main page to review all the tools and resources to help you improve your keyboarding/typing skills. Practice skills in each lesson free with or without an account. You can create a free family account to keep track of student progress.

Improving your typing/keyboarding skills will help you in so many ways!!!!

STE's Math Padlet

Providing additional "How to" for our Think Central website and other resources for Grades K-5

Handwriting Resources

Use these resources to practice and nurture handwriting skills

STEAM....Coding and more Padlet

A "Hotlist" of STEAM activities and resources - Providing additional resources and activities for "Coding" that are high, medium, low, and no tech

44 challenges specifically for children. Ideal for home or in the classroom, they encourage inquisitive young minds to get excited about science, math, and engineering.
     Click here for the pdf of 44 challenges.

Lightspeed Filter: As you navigate to lessons, activities, or teacher web resources you may encounter our filter block (no access). Please email smoore@stekcschool.org with the actual website URL you are attempting to access and the reason for requested access.

For School devices loaned during our closure:

A school device and power charger are being lent to the family and are in good working order. It is family's responsibility to care for the equipment and insure that it is retained in a safe, climate controlled environment.

This equipment is, and at all time remains, the property of St. Elizabeth Catholic School, and is herewith lent to families for educational purposes until our return to school or the end of the 2019-2020 academic year. 

Please follow these expected guidelines:

-Protect the device from damage, defacement, and do not leave it unattended. Avoid extreme hot or cold temperatures.

-Avoid food or liquid around the device. Wash your hands after eating before using the device.

-Report any damage or loss, either to the device or power charger, immediately to the school.The family/student is responsible for repair or recovery costs, as applicable (deemed "intentional").

-Use of the school issued device is for educational purposes only with the use of only educational apps or extensions approved by St. Elizabeth Catholic School.

-The St. Elizabeth Catholic School network is provided for the academic use of all students and staff. The student/family agrees to take no action that would interfere with the efficient, academic use of the network.

-All School devices must be in an open and supervised location. The family/student is responsible for any inappropriate content viewed on the device and any damage that may occur. 

-All School devices must be collected, plugged in for charging, and/or stored at the end of “a school day.” 

-Appropriate and responsible use of the device is expected. Practice responsible digital citizenship at all times.

-Keep regular updates to Chrome OS and any apps or extensions.

-The equipment will be returned to the school when requested by St. Elizabeth Catholic School.

-Understand and agree to the Saint Elizabeth School Acceptable Use Policy (bit.ly/STE-AUP).


St. Elizabeth Early Childhood Center (ECC) is a ministry of St. Elizabeth Catholic Church. 

St. Elizabeth Preschool and Early Learning Center is an active and positive environment for quality early childhood education in the Waldo/Brookside area. Closely connected to St. Elizabeth School and Parish we serve approximately ninety 3-5 year olds. Highly qualified staff and a low teacher to student ratio set the stage for
social, emotional and academic growth. 

St. Elizabeth Preschool utilizes research based educational practices along with brain based learning strategies to offer curricular content of high interest to young learners and always with developmental appropriate guidelines in mind. Children learn through play, independent work/skill building, small group instruction, centers, art, music, and physical education. 

We partner with Rockhurst University to provide support in speech and occupational therapy through direct interaction with students and a collegial exchange. Along with a Catholic/ Christian atmosphere we offer the Second Step program developed by the Committee for Children to provide real-life social emotional training and education for students. 

Teachers provide a variety of options for students to explore the world around them. Teacher directed and student selected activities are part of each day’s activities so the that children have many options to grow, be challenged, and develop a love of learning.

PreSchool and Kindergarten Registration Opens on January 15, 2020!

Tours are available. 
          Come find out more about this great learning environment and our welcoming Catholic/Christian based community. 

Enrollment is open to children *3 to 5 years of age, regardless of race, creed, color, national origin, or gender.  (*Children may start school provided they will have their 3rd birthday by December 31 of that year and are fully potty trained.)

                   Click here for the Pre-School 2019-2020 Handbook.    -----> Copy the handbook QR code for your mobile device ----->

PLEASE NOTE: Click here for the student-parent policy awareness confirmation. Please download, review, sign and return to your classroom teacher during the first week of school.

Our ECC, through positive interaction between caregiver and your child, strives to reach the whole child – socially, emotionally, cognitively, physically and spiritually.

Social:  to help children feel comfortable in school, trust their new environment, make friends and feel they are a part of the group. We want to provide positive experiences in a classroom setting for the development of self-esteem and social competence.  We provide opportunities for learning in a group, taking turns, sharing classroom materials and following directions.

Emotional:  to help children experience pride and self-confidence, to develop independence and self-control, to have a positive attitude toward life and to make better connections with others.  We want to expand their understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Cognitive:  to help children become confident learners and to acquire foundational skills that lead to the ability to solve problems, ask questions and use words to describe their ideas, observations and feelings.

Physical:  to help children increase their large and small muscle skills and feel confident about what their bodies can do.  We want to encourage appropriate independence in children through the use of routine tasks and self-help skills.

Spiritual: to help children grow in their knowledge of God’s love for them. We believe it is our work to nurture a relationship of caring and faith as partners with parents of the children we serve.


Please click here for Early Childhood enrollment information. 

     The teachers provide and support a safe environment where children can continue their academic, social, emotional, physical and spiritual development.  The classroom is a fun, adventurous place to be, where children are surrounded by experienced and loving teachers.

Please click here for the Pre-K standards from the Kansas-St. Joseph Diocese.


Please click here for Kindergarten enrollment information.

     The kindergarten experience at St. Elizabeth School provides opportunities for student growth and success in a variety of ways.  We encourage problem solving skill development for both mathematical and social challenges.  Center time allows for students to play and interact with their peers while also strengthening fine motor skills.  Guided instruction is given to students at all levels in both reading and math.  Outdoor play time allows for growth in gross motor skills and team cooperative play.  In addition, students partake in P. E., music, art, Spanish, library and computer time at the main school building.  

Please click here for the Kindergarten standards from the Kansas City-St. Joseph Diocese.