Assessment Results for 2015 - Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS) Grade Level Composite Scores

Each student in the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph participates in this format of standardized testing each year in grades 3-8. ITBS assessments evaluate grade level foundational learning skills and achievement. Scores can serve as a good measure of overall program success and can serve as another source for identifying student strengths and growth opportunities. Again this year’s scores display academic success by students and sound preparation by teachers. We are very pleased and proud of their efforts. Here are the composite scores for the 2015 testing cycle:

3rd – 95th%  4th – 98th%  5th – 98th%  6th – 91st%  7th – 96th %  8th – 97th%

Please note that composite scores compare each grade level to other like grade level students from across the United States. The percentile ranking indicates that out of 100 like grade level students our classes rank in the top percentages. For example, the composite score of 98% means that only 2% of other like students would have scored better than our students as a grade level. That is certainly outstanding performance by students and teachers alike!

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